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Instagram Unleashed

Hi, I'm Paola, the boss babe behind Socials By Paola and Teen Boss Babes. I love to work with ambitious businesses and individuals who want to give their pages a new, unique, personal, and beautiful look...

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Hey and welcome to Socials By Paola. My name is Paola and I am a teen entrepreneur. August 2019, I started my entrepreneurial journey by creating Socials By Paola. Through my journey, I have been able to meet new people, create connections with other entrepreneurs, and most importantly launch my second business Teen Boss Babes.


Overwhelmed & Tired of Not Scaling Your Business with

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Work With Me

I am here to help you create your best content/brand that allows you to share your passions with your supporters in a way you never thought you could.
Whether you are just starting your side hustle journey or are completely new to the whole online content creation community, don't worry I've got you. 

What They're Saying

Paola is so communicative and is amazing at working together to ensure you are super happy with your end result. She was great at working around my changing schedule and a delight to work with!

-Summer Lawson

Paola is so quick to answer any questions and get the work done! I really appreciate you. Thanks so much!

- Genesis Cruz

Paola did an amazing job with the intro of my YouTube channel. I 100% recommend her if you are looking for an original and creative intro for your YouTube channel.

- Diana Michell Perio


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