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How To Channel Rory Gilmore From Gilmore Girls This School Year

Whether you're going into your first year of high school or you're entering your first year of college both are seemingly daunting. While we may not all be wired to be as studious as Rory Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls" we can certainly try to be. Here at Teen Boss Babes we're going to give you a few helpful tips to make the fall semester go a little more seamlessly.

1.Set up a planner either digital or online.

Planners help organize your time with the visual idea of seeing your classes, extracurriculars, work if you have a job and more. There are plenty that are able to be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your college's bookstore. If you don't want to spend the money there are free options that work just as well. Google Calendar is widely known and in our opinion works extremely well. A new online planner on the rise is Notion. It's a very aestheticized version of Google Calendar but sometimes having a cute planner can help you feel more organized.

2. Don't overwhelm yourself!

There's lots of clubs and other time commitments all throughout school it can be hard to pick just one or two to join! Rory Gilmore was a well rounded student but she didn't burn herself out (well at least not in high school). If your school does a club fair check out the ones you're interested in and then weed out what you have room for in your personal/academic/and work schedule.

3. Make connections.

Sometimes it can be really daunting going into a new school year, especially if you don't know anyone. Try connecting with peers by making a study group, or a group chat with people who sit near you in class if anybody has questions and make friends with people in that circle to start. It's also a great idea to make connections with teachers or professors. Building a meaningful connection with a teacher or professor you had in a class you enjoyed can lead to letters of recommendations, or internship and job opportunities.

So now as the school year will start try to implement these strategies and you might see over time that Rory Gilmore has influenced you to become the best student possible. Also, if you have time this fall try to watch some Gilmore Girls!

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