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Teen Boss Babes Podcast 

Teen Boss Babes is a podcast to empower teens to think entrepreneurial in order to lead them into the direction of extraordinary dreams they never thought was possible !

Why The Podcast?

The Interviews are full of valuable information all the way from how to be a social media content creator to knowing how to grow and have a successful business. We want to inspire other girls to learn and understand other journeys as well as why the time to start is NOW! 

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Here you will find the best stories of entrepreneurs

who are starting their journey or have succssed in their 

journey already.


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What listners are Saying

Can’t wait for more!

Loving Paola’s new podcast! She just started & has already captured her audience with incredible influential guests. I can’t wait for more episodes! Definitely subscribing 

- Kelsey Jones 

Most Inspirational Podcast

There’s no better way to learn how to be a teen entrepreneur than from fellow teen boss babes!! This podcast has taught me so much, always excited for when a new episode airs 

- Teen Thrifts

Can’t wait for more!

I love that you took the leap and are doing Amazing things. I think it’s sold important for teens to learn about entrepreneurship. Keep it up and I will tell my teens about your show!

- Jacquelyn

Great podcast!!

I like your podcast ! I started listening to the episodes and I’m hooked! Love the topics you cover :)

-  June 


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