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Hey and welcome to Socials by Paola and Teen Boss Babes. I am Paola the teen entrepreneur behind these 2 amazing businesses. I started my entrepreneurial journey by creating Socials By Paola. Through my journey, I have been able to meet new boss babes, create connections with other entrepreneurs, and most importantly launch my second business Teen Boss Babes.


Socials by Paola is here to help you get to that place you have always wanted with your account/content. We support your visions and decisions and help you make them a reality. Socials By Paola is also a place to find amazing tips and tricks all about the social media world.

 Teen Boss Babes is a community for teen entrepreneurs. Teens who want to pursue their passion or dreams of something they have always loved. We provide content from all different types of niches such as YouTube, Podcasting, Retail, Lifestyle and much more. Teen Boss Babes is a safe place where you know that your ideas and thoughts are valued. Most importantly Teen Boss Babes is a community where you can meet other teen boss babes who you might be able to relate to.  
Whether you are just starting your side hustle journey or are completely new to the whole online content creation community, don't worry I've got you. 
I am here to help you create your best content/brand that allows you to share your passions with your supporters in a way you never thought you could. 

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