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Meet The Blog Team

It's been a few months since the blog has been active, and we here at Teen Boss Babes have a reason why. We have a new team of writers!

We're always looking for fresh eyes to help create content for the blog, and we believe that this will be the team to do so.

We asked each member a reason for why they wanted to join the team!

Head of Blog: Caitlyn Soya

Caitlyn: "I wanted to join the team originally because I had a passion for writing, especially to audiences that Teen Boss Babes targets. I really wanted to have the platform to create blog posts about relevant topics, but also staying true to the blog's values! Being on the blog team has meant so much to me since I started. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to step up to become the Head of the Blog!"

Blog Writer: Hailey Bishop

Hailey: "Hi I'm Hailey! I joined Teen Boss Babes because of my love for writing and entrepreneurship. I've had a passion for both areas early on in my life, and I hope to continue moving forward."

Blog Writer: Julia Heming

Julia: "I wanted to join the Teen Boss Babes blog team because I love the empowerment that comes from this amazing organization. I wanted to be able to share my love of writing with our readers while talking about fashion, beauty, college and career development!"

Blog Writer: Mari Lofy

Mari: "I wanted to join because it helps expand my writing experience and it helps me get "out there". It gives me good practice for doing something that I would love to do for the rest of my life. The earlier I can start, the better I will be."

Blog Writer: Emma Rivera

Emma: "I joined Teen Boss Babe's blog team as a way to express my opinions and help other teenagers feel empowered through my writing! This community provides a platform to connect with teenagers from all around the world and share our experiences. My goal is to inspire others and learn more about diverse perspectives in order to grow as an individual, but most importantly as a writer."

Blog Writer: Melissa Rodriguez

Melissa: "I joined the Teen Boss Babes team as a blog writer because I've always been interested in writing as a hobby, and Teen Boss Babes has been a huge inspiration to me for all things business and fashion for years. I'm excited to join the team!"

Teen Boss Babes is so happy to welcome these amazing women on to our team, and we can't wait to see what they write about!


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