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The Importance of Voting

Hey everyone! This blog post is a collab post with the whole Blog team! We wanted to create this blog post right before election day because we want to tell you how important voting is. The elections tomorrow indicate the next 4 years of our lives as young adults. Here are some reasons you should vote.

Impacting our future

The decisions we make today are greatly impacting our future as young adults. It’s very important to not make decisions or get facts off Instagram, other social media, or what people tell you. The best thing you can do is research and look at unbiased reviews and information. Look at the facts, not what you think something is or looks like on the outside. It’s very important you have your own opinion and vote based on what you believe is right and make your opinion be heard. Don’t just have an opinion, have an educated opinion. We live in an amazing country with so much freedom and rights, one of which is voting for our leaders. In the end, we are the American people, our leaders do not control us. Make your voice be heard. I really hope if you vote or plan on voting one day (which you should!) that you do your research, look at the facts, because a reckless or smart decision you make today, is going to impact your future, yes yours, so much!

Climate change

Climate change is an enormous factor in this year’s election and affects everyone. The higher temperatures become in the United States, the more intense and frequent natural disasters have been. Some of these natural disasters include heatwaves, flooding, forest fires, and hurricanes. Additionally, the annual average temperature of the United States has increased by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit from 1901 to 2016. It is predicted that it will rise by approximately 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit from 2021 to 2050. As you can see, we need to change our ways right now before it gets worse. There should be a leader that is willing to make a change!

Racial & Gender/ LGBTQ injustice

Over the past few months, protesting has really been apparent to us and especially Gen Z has spoken about racial injustice and that has given millions of Americans and people across the world that this generation will be more loving. By voting, you can help create policies that can help all minorities and indigenous people. For example: Give Native Americans the resources they need and also give them a platform where they can freely be themselves, also giving minority groups more opportunities in school, work, and beyond. All this can be done by voting for the right person as president.

Lastly, Gender & LGBTQ injustice, women are still not being treated equally as their male coworkers, for every $1 a man makes a woman makes 0.80 cents, that still shows that there is a lot the government can do to make sure that women are being paid what they deserve because they put in work like anyone else and their salary should not be based on their gender.

Right now, LGBTQ rights are at stake, people don’t believe they deserve to be themselves and love one another, you might think that the LGBTQ community is fine but that is quite the opposite, Minority Transgender men and women are being killed for no reason and also people are just super disrespectful to their marriages or kids just because they love the same gender or because they transitioned. That should never be a problem, people should love who they want to love because they can do whatever they want and live their dream lives.


Not every teacher is given the necessary resources to provide students with a quality education. This is due to the fact that many schools in the U.S are underfunded. Oftentimes, this leaves many teachers no choice but to spend money from their own paychecks to buy the necessary supplies—a teacher’s average salary in America is around $38,000k a year. This issue becomes tenser when you consider that an astonishing 1% of citizens hoards much of the nation’s wealth. It is necessary to vote for governmental leaders that will give the educational sector proper support, be it through the implementation of higher taxes on the nation’s wealth, redistribution of the government’s budget, or other means. The students of today are the nation’s future leaders!

We all hope you all enjoyed this blog post and this gave you all the reason to vote today and tomorrow for someone you will represent each and every American and make our votes heard. Don’t forget your vote matters and you should not just choose to not vote because frankly, our whole future depends on it. Remember you can’t vote by mail anymore so go to your nearby voting ballot, to get your vote in.



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