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Top 5 Autumn Activities!

It’s the coziest season of all, the breeze, leaves changing, harvesting, and preparing for winter. Get in your beanie, sweater, and dark colors, and head out for these top 5 Autumn activities!

Hiking: Hiking during the Autumn is the perfect time with moderate weather with a breeze, the trees are changing so the view is spectacular. Hiking has many positive benefits for instance building stronger muscles and bones, improving your sense of balance, improving your heart health, and decreasing the risk of respiratory problems. Getting outside to nature allows an increase in positive emotions (serotonin and dopamine ), stress relief, and boosts tranquility.

Baking: Baking carries the pastry's warmth, sweet scents, and deliciousness. Baking has many positive benefits, such as stress relieving, improving appetite, and enhancing creativity.

Ideas :

  • Pumpkin muffins

  • Apple cider donuts

  • Apple Pie

Apple picking/farm: Being in the outdoors, with no city noises, and the peacefulness of apple picking and eating apple cider donuts with warm apple cider is good for your mental state, and adding in the movement to your day.

Football game: Showing some spirit and getting out of the house improves our social abilities, improves dopamine, and studies have found that being around competition increases our motivation.

City day: A city day can provide movement, meet new people, and gain more experiences and opportunities. Go to your favorite restaurant, tour the city, or go to a museum.


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