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How I am preparing for the incoming school year.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hello everyone, Welcome back to the Teen Boss Babes Blog, I hope you all are doing well and are practicing social distancing. In today's blog post, I am doing to be telling you things that I am doing to prepare for the incoming school year. Yes, I know I can't believe school is right around the corner like I still think I just finished online school a week ago but yes it's here and I want to help you all with how to start the school year right from the comfort of your home. Also comment if you are going to an actual school or doing either homeschooling, or online school this year.

Personally, I will be doing online school in the fall, so I know that I am going to be starting my sophomore year of high school at home. I really want to make sure my grades are up to par and I know that starts with my mindset. So I plan on making a school schedule, this might sound over the top but I really don't want to act like how I was doing online school at the beginning of quarantine, which was I was sluggish and lazy. So I plan on waking up early, making a healthy breakfast, working out, and reading my bible before I start school. After that, I want to actively change my location in my house so that I won't get bored in one area and start to be unproductive again. Lastly in my schedule, I will have an after school routine, I want to keep practicing for track season ( might be my Junior year), studying for the SAT's and just studying in general.

For people who don't know me, I LOVE school, I know that's big to say but I love feeling busy and walking with a purpose at school. My dream is to go to an Ivy league and I know I have to build my habits on studying effectively and also trying to figure out things that I would like to do as a career in the future. So basically, I want to make a habit tracker on studying and practicing math daily, it might just be a quick daily review but I know that if I study or practice every day, I will be much better in my classes.

Lastly, I have found a friend who has the same goals as me academically so we study together through Facetime and prepare for the incoming school year which is very nice because I can keep her accountable and she can do the same for me.

I hope you can take some tips from what I am doing to make sure Miss Rona doesn't ruin my sophomore year. Remember it's okay to feel overwhelmed at this time but planning and talking to someone truly helps. Nevertheless have a great day and remember you are a girlboss.


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