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Fun Summer Day Trips

It’s crazy to think that this time last year, the world was at a standstill. As lockdown became our new normal, a looming summer loss took a toll on many of us. Now, as the US approaches normalcy- many are taking to the streets and skies to celebrate a true summer. Despite our newfound freedoms, it's important to still stay safe, vaccinated or not. Nevertheless, we should all have the most fun we can this summer! If you’re in need of some ideas of what to do this summer, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Tubing

I am personally from San Antonio, Texas and here we are blessed with a variety of rivers and lakes. A great past-time is to grab a couple of friends, inflatable tubes from your nearest Sporting Goods store, and hit the river (or lake)! The relaxing activity makes it easy to fall asleep as you float across the waves and it's a great way to spend time and relax with friends and family.

For my Texas readers, the Comal River is a must-see when river tubing :)!

Road Trip

This one is an obvious choice. Whether you’re with friends or family, there’s nothing like grabbing a couple of snacks and necessities and driving to your desired destination. This option can be on the pricier side as far as gas and hotel costs but it all depends on how you plan your trip. Whether your destination is 2 hours away or 2 days away, the trip is an experience in itself. By driving, you get to experience all of the sights that you would miss when flying in an airplane. It takes a lot of planning but the freedom of the open road is all worth it.

Drive-In Movie

Do you want to catch a new movie but you’re still concerned with COVID safety in movie theaters? There's an easy solution to that and drive-in movies are a great alternative to the traditional theaters. Most tickets average from $5-$10/person, so you can bring as many friends as you would like!. The best part is you can bring your own snacks and stay in your own car. You can say goodbye to the over-priced theater treats! Because the theater is a drive-in, your car’s parking spot serves as an automatic social distance, whether you choose to watch from your seat or you set up a seating area in front of your vehicle. All you have to do is tune into the theater's local radio station to hear your movie on the big screen and then your set!

I’d recommend bringing jumper cables for your car (in case it dies) and bug spray for those pesky mosquitoes


Barton Springs in Austin, TX

If you want to swim but would rather stray away from the usual swimming pool, there are many great options. Many states around the US offer swimming pool aquifers that are open to the public. So think of a swimming pool but 5x larger! The cold water is fed into the aquifer to produce clean water that is then fed to nourish the surrounding wildlife. This not only prevents harm towards wildlife but also serves as a great swimming alternative for humans! Some notable Texan aquifers are“Barton Springs” and “The Landa Park Aquatic Complex”. Don’t live near an aquifer? Well, there are plenty more natural spring alternatives such as “Jacob’s Well” in Wimberley, Texas, and “Bagby Hot Springs” in Oregon.


pic cred: silvermist on Youtube

One of my personal favorite day plans is a picnic! It’s an inexpensive activity that large parties can enjoy. It is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and whip out the nice plates and silverware. All you need is a reliable park, a picnic blanket, and the food of your choice. To make this activity relatively cheap, you can make your own food at home and prepare your own drinks. A plus side is you can paint in the tranquility of the outdoors, have a full-blown photoshoot, or even just play board games in the comfort of friends and family. Regardless, a picnic is a great pastime and definitely, one of the top-ranked activities in my book.

I hope this article helps you figure out plans whether it be a day trip picnic or a spontaneous road trip! Despite the excitement of our new summer opportunities, remember to stay safe from COVID to protect your friends and family.





Hi, I hoped you enjoyed this blog! My name is Bella and I'm one of the new blog writers for TBB. I'm excited to work with this great team and share my writings with you guys. Thank you and see you next month! :)

- Bella<3


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