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Why Self-Care Isn't Always Pretty

We’re all familiar with self-care: taking bubble baths, painting your nails, staying in bed longer, ect. These things are helpful, especially if one is in dire need of rest and recharge. But, most aspects of self-care are romanticized and portrayed solely as tactics of rest. Self-care is taking care of yourself, and taking care of yourself doesn’t exclude its more tedious side. Changes in your day to improve your life are also self-care, no matter how difficult or annoying they may be! Here are a few examples:

Waking up earlier

As someone who woke up at 5 a.m every day during my junior year of high school, this was not pretty! However, it was necessary so that I could earn my credits! In the end, I didn’t regret it because it made me much more disciplined and appreciative of morning time.

Change in diet

In my life, I’ve seen multiple people struggle with eating healthily. The consumption of spicy junk foods such as Takis and Hot Cheetos is abundant: I just ate blue Takis right now! However, many feel awful right after. Some might know what I’m talking about: stomach pain! People are addicted to these chips, which is why quitting them might be easier said than done. The benefit, however, outweighs the sucky process.

Nursing productivity

Becoming more productive takes effort! There’s no easy way to do it than to just do it. For example, starting homework RIGHT after school ends to decrease my chance of procrastinating is what I personally did. It worked! I mean it was difficult and sometimes I gave in to temptation, but over time, I began to nurse good habits!

Taking care of faults in our lives is self-care, arguably the greatest form! Remember not to use this term to encourage laziness!

With Love, Sissy Arenas



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