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Line 1

Your Name -then space with emoji or separator - Why you do what you do

The first line is going to get the audience's attention. They are going to be able to see who you are as well as why you are doing it.

Line 2

How you do what you do

The second line is going to help the audience see what exactly they are coming too. They will be able to see that your page is perfect and they are already inspired to follow

Line 3

What you do ( call of action)

The last line is for your followers to see where they can see more about you. They want to see link where they can find your work or just more about you. I recommend having a link tree which is where you are able to link many different things if that is something that you have. This call to action will make them want to click and discover more about you.

I hope you guys were able to learn a new thing as well as try it on your Instagram. If you are deciding to change the Instagram Bio and follow this formula, Tag @teenbossbabes. I would love to see how you use The Boss Babe Bio Formula!


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