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How to prevent Microaggressions Towards Asians

Hey guys! This blog post will touch upon a more serious topic. As you know, the effects of the pandemic in the U.S have resulted in an increase in Anti-Asian discrimination, violence, racism. Although this isn’t new, hate such as spouting racial slurs, inciting physical violence, and practicing extreme physical distancing around Asian people has seen a rise. This is largely due to the harmful narrative that the media and the government spread in 2020—that Chinese people brought the virus to the U.S, which is a fallacy.

The issue blew out of proportion because unfortunately, people overgeneralize. Therefore, not only does the Chinese Community suffer, but the entire Asian Community does.

Today, I want to shed light on some microaggressions that everyone should avoid. They further harm the Asian community, and now more than ever we need to be allies.

- “I can’t tell any of you apart.”

- "You’re pretty for a ___ girl.”

- “Where are you really from?”

- “Aren’t you supposed to be smart?”

- “You’re so articulate!”

- “I don’t like that picture. I look so Asian.”

More stereotypes to abandon:

- “Asians are quiet and submissive.”

- “All Asian people are smart.”

- “Asian women can’t drive”

- “Asian food is so weird!”

These all perpetuate hate towards the Asian Community, even if one doesn’t mean to. All of these are offensive; one important lesson to learn is if a large group is telling you that they have a problem with something, it’s for a reason. Don’t get defensive! One should listen with empathy and recognize that we need to stand together. I encourage everyone to do further research! There is never too much you can learn.

Yours Truly, Sissy Arenas


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