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How to make the perfect to-do list + FREE to-do list printable!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hey everyone! My name is Ximena Romero! I am a graphic designer and content creator with a YouTube channel and a website. I love being organized and productive and especially love making to-do lists. As we get closer to back to school, I thought I would share some tips on how you can make an awesome to-do list plus a free to-do list printable made my me at the end! So stay tuned to see how you can make your day more productive with these simple tips...

1. Make it balanced

You want to have more important tasks and less important tasks like cleaning up something, or making breakfast. That way it doesn’t feel more stressful having a ton of hard tasks, so make sure you balance your list with ones that are easier to knock out. 

2.  Flexibility

Have a plan b set, in case you weren’t able to take care of plan a. Don’t stress if it doesn’t work out either. It’s important to stay positive and figure out an alternative. 

3. Make time for transitions

Remember that transitioning from one task or place to another takes up time. Or maybe something distracts you, make sure you allow a little time in between tasks in your schedule to make it more realistic and do-able. 

4. Don’t put an excessive amount of things on your list

I always find that I keep adding things to my list and i start to get anxious, but keep your list from 5-10 things. You can make new ones for each part of your day. 

5. Eliminate taks

Go through your commitments and decide if you really need each one and if it’s just taking up extra time. Do things that make you feel happy and confident, although this may not be the situation for things like school and etc., hobbies that you are not passionate about anymore should be eliminated from your daily to-do list, especially if you notice you are not even doing them anymore. 

6. Track the recurring tasks

If you find you that you’re doing something almost everyday, track how much time it takes you that way you can get a better sense of how long it takes you when planning your list and schedule. 

7. Make more detailed tasks

In your lists, instead of writing, for example, ‘do chores’, put your ‘chores’ in detail like, ‘fold laundry, empty dishwasher’. The smaller the tasks, the easier they are to accomplish. 

Those were all the tips I have for you to make an awesome to-do list or schedule!

If you implement any of these tips into your lists or use your free to-do list below, make sure to tag us @teenbossbabes so we can see how productive you’re being! 

And before I go, download your FREE to-do list printable I designed just for you guys here or by clicking on the picture.


download my FREE August Back to school themed wallpaper on my website at , check out my YouTube channel @ Ximena Romero and follow me on instagram for more tips and freebies @ximenadesigns Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you next time!


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