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How to be “that” girl of your dreams.

Hey everyone! It’s your girl Akunna and I hope you are having an amazing day because this week’s blog post is going to be on how you… yes you can be that girl of your dreams. I don’t know if you have seen these types of Tiktok on your Tiktok for you page but recently I have been getting a bunch of these videos and I feel like Tiktok is trying to tell me something. Over the past year in quarantine, I have really worked on trying to be the girl that I visualize all the time and it does come with it’s own self of obstacles but its such a fun and rewarding process that I feel like I NEED to tell you all how to start working on the girl you dream you could and CAN be.

  1. Download Pinterest or use pinterest more.

I know this is like the weirdest tip to give but trust me, pinterest will help you visualize the girl you want to be or what you want your life to include even more vividly. I honestly have so many boards on my pinterest board and I feel like it has helped me personally keep my head up and know what I really want in life.

2. Block anyone that puts you down.

I know it’s better said than done but trust me having people you shut down your dreams and aspirations or even make you feel inferior deserve no right into your life. I understand it hurts when these people are the people closest to you but what I have realized is sometimes when the people you tell your dreams and aspirations to you are family members, you can simply not tell them what you are doing and later shock them with your accomplishments and honestly proving them wrong!

3. Work in silence

I feel since some of us are in quarantine it’s a little easier to work in silence and not tell others what we are working on but for the other that have in-person school or have a job it’s hard because there are moments you would love to tell others but to be truthful, working in silence helps you keep the doubt and additional criticism out of your life. When you work in silence, you are more at peace since you can work on your time and make mistakes and not feel so bad about it.

4. Act like you are that girl already.

Lastly, act like you are that girl already, act like how you think she wil treat others and even yourself, work hard like her and radiate as much posticity you can. It seriously makes things so much enjoyable and when you feel like giving up, ask yourself “What will my highest self do?” and trust me it works every time to make me work harder and not give up.

I hope you all enjoyed this blogpost, remember working hard and enjoying the process makes everything worth it!

  • Xx Akunna


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