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How to balance self care during Finals/AP exam season

Hi everyone! It’s your girl Akunna and I hope you are having an amazing monday or whatever day you are reading this blog post. Today’s blog post is related to finals, yes the daunting time at the end of each semester and school year that matters the most and that is too overwhelming. During this time, we can often neglect ourselves towards our academics and I don’t want you to do that AT ALL so today I will give you some reasonable tips to help you stay sane during finals or AP exam season.

  1. Wake up earlier.

I know I just said you have to find ways to be sane during finals season but waking up early can help you go to sleep earlier is very important for you to have a good amount of sleep. When you do work in the early morning where there isn’t noise, you can go through things faster but I do understand there are people out there that are super productive at nights, and can get a lot of things done so do whatever fits you. If you don’t know what is better for you try working late at night or early in the morning and see if your alertness is up to par and if you can concentrate for good periods of time.

2. Schedule time to relax.

I know personally for me, it's hard to really relax because I am constantly thinking about all the things I have to understand or cover before an exam but setting time out of your day to do things that help you chill is very ideal. I will usually workout, go on a walk, listen to BTS or watch a kdrama episode during my breaks and after these breaks I feel very refreshed and decrease the opportunity of burnout.

I want to quickly mention having a break to relax or just taking care of yourself is never a bad thing, you can’t last working all day without a break, personally it’s hard for me to fully utilize my break times but I realized that not resting will cause more frustration than good so please don’t feel guilty.

3. Reward yourself.

I feel like sometimes people don’t praise themself enough and I am guilty of that as well but rewarding yourself is so fun! Look for things that bring you so much joy and use that as a reward, for example: After I do a math practice and got majority of the questions right, I allow myself to watch a RUN BTS episode (if it's tuesday) or have a mini world tour in my room to all my favorite music at the time. This honestly brings me so much joy even if it's just 15 minutes, it makes me so happy and I recommend it to you all.

I hope you found this blog post helpful, if you have more tips please comment below this blog post so we can have our little school advice community in the comments! Remember working hard and having fun makes everything worth it. You got this!

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