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How Fashion and Earth Day Relate

Earth Day was on April 22nd, 2023. Earth Day's efforts were to try and hold everyone accountable for the actions they take in accordance with Mother Earth.

What does Fashion have to do with the Earth you ask? Well according to it states, “The average person today buys 60 percent more items of clothing than they did 15 years ago, but keep them for only half as long. The average garment may be worn as few as ten times before disposal.”

The disposal of clothes is where landfills come into play, and recently with fast fashion going around the increase of clothes going into landfills is much higher.

The biggest issue with sustainable fashion though is its prices. Brands like Reformation, and Everlane have quality pieces but cost a pretty penny. A tank top from Reformation can cost $88, and a pair of pants from Everlane can cost $98. If you can afford to spend that money then that’s great, yet for a large majority that’s expensive.

So here’s where we here at teenbossbabes come into play. Here are some affordable sustainable brands for you.

Pact is an American based brand that is Fair Trade Certified, Sweatshop and Child Labor free. Their clothing ranges from $35-78, with a sale section if regular prices still make you shy away from sustainable fashion.

HONEST BASICS is a European originated brand but does allow for international shipping. They've also attained the Global Organic Textile Standard certification. Their t-shirts range from $16-19, long sleeves ranging from $37-58, and jeans near the $36-47 price mark.

Colorful Standard is another European brand that also ships worldwide, prices here are a little bit more expensive. Prices can go anywhere from $11-88 depending on the article of clothing. They've been certified by the Global Recycle Standard for their use of 100% recycled merino wool as it states on their website.

All of these brands strive to be sustainable and help you have a more eco-conscious mindset. Even though Earth Day has past, let’s still make a promise to be a little kinder to Mother Earth and treat the place we live on with a little bit more respect.


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