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I think I´m speaking for myself and many of you, beautiful readers, when I say that, Shopping may be the best therapy we can do and know, maybe it´s by the way the stores always make the clothes look so beautiful and organized on those racks, the colors. All the experience, going Shopping gives us.

Even though shopping might be therapeutic and such an experience, sometimes we buy something because it´s cute, or because we think that it would match perfectly with something we already have, but maybe we only use it once or twice.

Here are some tips you can use to shop smarter:

1. Buy only stuff that you really love.

When buying something, we should forget about the "I like it, but maybe...", or "there´s something that I don´t like", this because, we let the thought that it may work and there´s when we buy not in a smarter way.

2. Take it, leave it, if it´s yours, it´ll come back.

Is something that does not apply only to relationships, if you want to buy something, but you are not absolutely sure it would work for you, the rule is to leave it in some random place at the store, continue shopping, and if you come back and it´s still there, buy it, if not, it was not for you.

3. Think "HOW?".

It´s a good idea to buy something, talking about clothing or accessories, when you think of 3 different outfits, that piece would fit in, the idea is that if you can use that piece in more than 3 outfits or 3 in total, it would work if not, it´s just not a good idea to buy it.

4. Don´t be a fashion victim.

Throughout the different seasons, we know 2 different trends seasons Summer / Spring (SS) and fall, winter (FW), in these 2, there are different trends established since the beginning of these ones, this does not apply only to clothing items, it also applies on accessories and even on hair and makeup trends, the thing is, you may like 500 or all of these trends, but we should comprehend that some of these, if not the majority are sometimes only temporary trends, because of that you should really think if you love it and if you would use it in other time.

We all deserve some good shopping, but these are only some tips you can apply on your next trip to the mall. ♥︎


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