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The best pair of shoes for back to school

Loafers have been around us for a while since about two seasons back. They have been the most trendier shoes you can buy and use. The fantastic thing about them is that we can use them in different styles and ways.

The trend of the loafers started all because of the old money aesthetic trend, which, we can relate a lot with back to school, just because we can use this trend as inspiration when thinking about outfits.

Even though they started as an "old money" type of trend, as I said earlier, you can use them with a ton of different types of clothes, and here are some ideas on "how you can use them for back-to-school".


Starting with the most basic idea, you can style your pair of loafers with a pair of denim pants, most likely baggy ones, not totally skinny, and whatever type of sweater you may like.

You can style it, just like in the photo with a tote bag, gold jewelry, and a cute hairband.


Sometimes the dress code can be something difficult to match with good outfits, however, matching loafers with socks and a plain large skirt could be an amazing idea, you can style this type of outfit in different ways on the top part, with t´s, or even with crop tops.

You can style with different types of compliments, like belts, hair accessories, etc.


Matching loafers with skirts can be an amazing idea, maybe switching the large with a mini or midi skirt can be a good idea, you can style this skirt with different complements, such as sweaters, bests, hoodies or even a top and a leather jacket.

These are definitely some great ideas of outfits with loafers, but you can always try new ideas and combinations, causa fashion is art and inspiration. ♥︎


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