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Difference Between Blog Writing and Magazine Writing

Hi everyone! I’m Ellexus! I already write for the TBB magazine, and I will now be writing for the blog as well. I’m excited to write about fashion tips, planning and so much more! To start this journey on the blog team, I wanted to write about how editorial writing is different from blog writing. I know so many of you already have a blog or are interested in starting one, so hopefully these tips will be useful to you!

Writing for the Magazine (Editorial)

Magazine writing is usually longer, essay style writing. Bullet points are a no-no and if you choose a list format, you need to have in depth explanations of each point.

Magazine writing is usually more educational and timeless, something that is relevant no matter the time of year.

If you are writing editorially, think about writing the way you would for a school paper.

Writing for the Blog

Blog writing is typically short and sweet, and easy for the reader to finish without taking too much time.

Oftentimes, blog posts can be something that can be applied to your everyday life or things that relate to the current season, holiday, etc.

When writing for a blog, think about a polished version of taking notes. You typically have a few main ideas, and extend them into one or two sentences each.

In my experience writing for the magazine is much harder than writing for a blog. My magazine articles need to be much longer than blog writing, and still be able to keep the interest of the reader the whole way through. Hopefully this can be useful to you with your own writing, blog or editorial :)


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