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Why Being Young Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Successful

Why Being Young Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Successful

Hello, it’s Sissy! This is a mid-week blog post! Since Teen Boss Babes is fortunate to have many young followers, I wanted to speak on why you don’t need to be old to accomplish your entrepreneurship or creative goals. Bonus: Mini Interview with 14-year-old Ximena Romero, one of our youngest TBB members.

Expertise Comes From Practice

No matter the age, practice and first-hand experience are key factors that will determine your success. Do you have a go-getter mentality? If so, then whether or not you’re on the younger side of the age spectrum is irrelevant. Plus, the younger you start, the more you’ll learn and the more prepared you’ll be once you become an adult!

Because You Can Get Access To Mentors!

In fact, that’s what Teen Boss Babes is here for. No matter your age, you can get access to tons of advice on topics such as entrepreneurship, content creation, writing, social media, and more! Additionally, there are other resources online that can teach you quite a lot, such as YouTube or Tik Tok. Even reaching out to members in your community, or family, for advice can lay the foundation for your rise to the top.

Because Others Have Proven It False!

Our Teen Boss Babes Ximena Romero is a business owner, a content creator, graphic designer, and fellow blog writer! She is 14 years old and more than competent in her fields of interest.

Q: How old were you when you decided you wanted to run a business?

A: “I’ve had lots of ‘businesses’ when I was younger, but I was around 11 when I started a blog, 13 when I started my YouTube channel, and 14 when I began selling products.”

Q: Have you ever been hesitant to start because you’re young?

A: “I don’t think there’s been a time where I was hesitant to start a business so young. I knew there would be challenges! However, I also knew it was what I wanted to do.”

Q: Who taught you all that you know?

A: “Definitely my dad who does design and is very entrepreneurial. He’s taught me so much!”

You can check her out on Instagram:


Thank you so much for reading!


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