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Welcome Back to School!

From now, your alarms are probably set to a significantly earlier time than usual. The school bag that sat empty in the corner of your room is ready to accompany you. And the morning rush is finally alive. The sun will shine on your fresh (masked) face as you make your way to get a formal education.

Welcome back to school! Not that great, is it? It's okay, you can cry.

You’ll dread the loud noises of the hallways, and your mind will spin at trying to figure out how to carry yourself through classes. But hey! At least you won’t be perched on your bed in an awkward position trying to encompass knowledge like a sleep- deprived possum.

I’m not writing this to call you out (am I?), I’m just trying to make sure that you’re all set to enter the place you so very dread at times. Especially after such a long interval.

Just make sure of the following things first:

  • Don't force yourself into adjusting: We all know the feeling of entering a very dark room after being out in the sun. It's quite jarring. That's exactly how you may feel at going back to school. It's okay to be completely out of it, but what's important is to accept that you are. This is a huge transition, so acknowledge whenever you feel overwhelmed and give yourself a break.

  • Embrace your current state: We tend to be a varied version of ourselves at school. And this deems true even after staying at home for so long. But all of us have emerged very different, and therefore it is important to recognise the current version of you instead of clinging onto the one that went to school before quarantine. You've changed. It's okay.

  • Take things slow: Take your time, build a schedule along the way, and train yourself gradually to adjust to it. Remember, you're going from so much comfort to sitting in class all of a sudden. It's inevitable to find yourself unable to stick to a plan. But you will eventually find your way, that's for sure. Start with following a fourth of your routine for 3 days, and slowly you'll be able to stick to the whole thing.

These points seem very vague right now, but they'll make sense soon (I hope so).

Another thing you can do is romanticise it all in your head. Serve your personal fable, be the main character that you are. It's a new season for your (formerly stagnant) show. And you'll not even notice when you seamlessly shift into this session. Hopefully, we don't see too many antagonists. Except for assignments, that is.

- Aashi

(loves school a lot. really. so, so much)


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