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Ways You Can Stay Safe During Halloween🎃

Spooky season is officially here! As the weather gets colder and Halloween gets closer, we all should take a moment to remember how to stay safe this season. Whether you’re trick or treating or hosting social gatherings, safety is always the #1 priority.

1. Always Have A Buddy With You

Buddy systems are a great way of staying around trusted individuals and keeping company. Always have a minimum of one person with you!

2. Share Your Location

A little invasive but hear me out. If you haven't already, sharing your location with TRUSTED individuals ensures someone knows where you are at all times. You can always stop sharing the location at the end of the night but in case you, your friends, or your family get lost or separated- you have easy means of finding each other. You can share your locations through apps like Life 360 or if you and your party have iPhones, you can share through Find My iPhone.

3. Download Maps

Even if you're sure you know the area where you're trick-or-treating this year, keep a downloaded map with you. In case you get lost or hit a spot with low cell service, it'll be easy to navigate your way back home or familiar streets.

4. Check Your Candy

Tedious but effective. To avoid unwanted injuries and take precautions, it's imperative you check miscellaneous candies for harmful substances or material, ESPECIALLY if you aren't familiar with the person or neighborhood.

5. Wear a Mask

Halloween is near and yet the scariest monster is COVID-19. Be sure to wear a mask when you"re in crowded areas and/or around people you don't see often. Protect yourself and those around you by taking the usual COVID safety precautions this spooky season :)





Happy Halloween ya'll! I hope you guys enjoyed this week's blog and remember to stay safe :)

- Bella <3


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