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The TBB Blog Group's Online Favorites

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week's blog post, we the TBB blog group are going to tell you our online favorites so that's you can be orgainzed and thriving for this school year and life!

Hey Guys! This is Sissy! My online school favorite is an adjustable laptop bed table. These have been especially useful for me because I have back problems. I can’t usually sit in a chair for long periods of time without feeling some type of pain so what I do alternatively is do my online school on my bed! Just tidy up before and you should be good to go. I have definitely felt more productive because of this. You can find this on Amazon and the price range varies from 20-40 bucks, but it personally has been a worthy investment.

Hi everyone! It’s me Akunna and my online school favorite is Google calendar. I love how easy and customizable it is. You can set up notifications a few days or hours before an event to remind you, you also can choose what colors you want. With school you can also add your Zoom or Google Meets link in the descriptions to your event so that you can always have your class link. You can use this app with all aspects of your link so maybe for your business/brand, school etc. This app is available to all phones both iOS and Android and it’s completely free so get your hands on it now because it will really keep you organized for this year.

Hey! Ximena here, my back to school favorite that I’ve started using more this year is sticky notes! I love using sticky notes, they are such a basic supply, but when you actually start using them, they are very helpful and are actually pretty cute. If you were like me, you would buy sticky notes each year for school, and either never use them or give them to your teacher. I only used sticky notes for little reminders, or other things. Until I watched Annie Long’s video, where she implemented sticky notes to her daily life and used them to stay productive. One way she used them, and a way I’ve started using them, is writing a task on each sticky note and sticking them to the wall. When you complete a task, you take it off the wall and try to end the day with no sticky notes on your wall! It works so well and if you use nice colors, it actually looks super cute all over your wall. I use them for so many productive things and there are even some more fun ways you can use them for. My little brother and I love using them to make origami and you can even give sweet notes to people, and do a random act of kindness! There are so many fun, cute, and productive ways you can use sticky notes. So if you have some lying around, or you can go buy some, get creative and use them for your tasks or for fun little things!

We hope you all enjoyed our online school favorites and hopefully you can use it to start your school year strong and to just help you through life to help you stay organized and thriving.


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