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Teen Boss Babes Summer Camp 2021!

This past week, Teen Boss Babes had their annual virtual summer camp! Over the course of 6 days, the TBB team and supporters from all over the globe came together to learn and discuss topics from mental health to growing social media presence. Our summer camp this year took another step further in empowering young women and emphasizing the importance of self-care and growth!

This year we had a new guest speaker come on the zoom meeting each day to talk about their journeys on social media and their experience as women in the entrepreneurship industry. In addition, two of our team members presented a lesson of their own! As a group, the team and viewers got to learn about mental health awareness, leadership skills, and learn about new cultures. With each presentation our audience got the chance to speak with our creators first hand on their experience on their chosen topics. Each presentation even included extra activities such as kahoot games and interactive chat polls.

All in all, this year's summer camp was an absolute success and it was a joy being able to interact with our supporters and audience. A quick final thank you to our guest speakers who took the time out of their day to come on our Zoom and inspire many of us young women to strive forward and take charge of our endeavors. Through our camps and our everyday interactions at Teen Boss Babes we hope to inspire and guide young women through life and their journey through entrepreneurship

Live Guests:






Thank you to all who joined the Teen Boss Babes Summer Camp 2021 and we hope to see you again next year!








- Bella <3


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