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Quarantine Ultimate Guide

By:- Akunna Okonkwo.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Teen Boss Babes Blog, We hope you all are staying safe and focusing on yourself and the people around more during this time. Today, blogpost is your quarantine ultimate guide, this guide will help you get ideas on what to do during quarantine instead of watching Netflix all day. We have many top favorites and tips from the Teen Boss Babes team that you will like, so sit back, enjoy, and let’s get into it.

Teen Boss Babes Team Favorites

1. Dressing up/Makeup

Getting out of your sweats and replacing that with some makeup, a cute dress, or a good pair of jeans makes you feel productive and good about yourself. You can also take some cute pics for Instagram like the mirror trend or you can film a ton of TikTok’s.

2. Movies.

I feel like the majority of us, teens, are on Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus, and Youtube more now, same with the Teen Boss Babes Team, You can go on a movie or show marathon, this can be an activity to do with your family and friends.

3. Music

Music has been helping many people during this time, You can use music to stay calm, make a dance to a song, or sing a song. Music honestly gets the creative juices flowing.

4. Reading

After hours of staring at a screen, your eyes can get tired and irritated, so reading or planning can help you, finally read that book you have been putting off for a while and relax your eyes plus you can learn something new.

5. Journal

Like in the last favorite, You can journal to relax your eyes but journalling is very good for your mental health right now if you feel anxious, journaling can help. Make sure your mental health is your top priority.

6. Facetime

FACETIME!! What will we do without facetime? If you are reading this, call a friend or family member and check up on them because It can help you relax, laugh, and overall it’s nice talking to someone.

7. Water

If you are reading this, stop and go get some H2O, Don’t forget to drink your water especially if you are at home. You can get an Hydroflask or set alarms to remind you to drink some water, it’s very important.

8. Blue-light Glasses

The next thing is Blue-light Glasses, If you are like the majority of us, you are staring at a screen for hours for both entertainment, work, and school. After a while, you will get a headache or your eyes might hurt so I advise you to wear some Blue-light glasses, If you don’t have a pair of Blue-light glasses, try not to be on your phone when getting a cup of water or when eating a meal give your eyes some mini no technology breaks.

9. Sweatpants

If you want to just relax and feel comfy, sweats are a perfect way to go, it’s cute, it’s versatile and it’s comfortable.

10. Time Outside

Even though Social distancing is very important in a time like this, still make sure you are at least stepping outside to get a fresh breath of air. If you can walk or run in your neighborhood or in a trail, go for it. Just make sure you have a face mask and are social distancing.

11. Being creative

Lastly, You can sketch or paint, It’s very therapeutic and it helps you focus on something other than COVID-19.

Tips for you!

  • Invest in yourself

This is the perfect time to work on something you want to improve on or learn. Things, like learning how to save money or work on a subject you’re not the best at or take care of your hair and skin more, is ways of investing in yourself.

  • Make/Learn something new

During this time, You can start a blog, podcast, or youtube channel, you can also learn how to bake, etc. You have so much time on you, you can use this time to learn something that will help you in the future.

  • Workout

If you’re in a rut, you can workout because when you workout, endorphins are released and it makes you happy and leaves you feeling productive.

  • Meditate

The same thing as investing in yourself, you can meditate to have a clear mind, or to make you focus on something else and to ultimately calm down.

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