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Small Businesses to shop from this Black Friday!

Hey guys! Ximena here and with Black Friday coming, the prime Christmas shopping time is right around the corner! With everything happening in our world, most people will be doing there shopping online. But before you go and check Amazon or Target for gifts, what if I told you there are millions of super hardworking small businesses that put so much love and joy into the same products you could find in Amazon but with so much better quality and thoughtfulness. And they need your support this season.

Today I'm going to be featuring some of my favorite online small businesses that are having Black Friday deals and that you can shop from this week and find the perfect gifts. I also encourage you to look for your personal local small businesses that would appreciate your support so much. Some of these businesses are some of our very own TEEN BOSS BABES and are run by teenagers, how cool is that? Let's jump right in into these awesome deals and businesses!


Teen Boss Babes is having a Black Friday sale, and you don't want to miss it! Everything will be 20% off!

Luciasxcloset is a business run by one of our very own team members! She sells the cutest custom tie dye apparel!

this is actually my own business, and I am having a sale so I thought I would include it! I sell comfy hoodies, notepads, stickers, and other digital products!

She is not a teenager, but a super successful young entrepreneur! She sells the CUTEST products, and is super inspiring!

SDD is a super teen boss babe! She sells so many cool and cute products on her shop and even has a course to start your business if you're interested!

This shop has the CUTEST designs and products, from stickers, notebooks, phone cases, prints. You’ll LOVE her!!!

Glo's Official

I LOVE @glosofficial tee and hoodie shop, they have the perfect summer inspired shops for girls with the cutest tees and hoodies! You can use code Ximena10 for a discount too!!

Creating With Lucy

@creatingwithlucy has my FAVORITE digital planners, and products! A must if you love digital planning. She also has other physical products that are super cute too!!


cases by Natalie sells super affordable and custom phone cases you'll adore!

If you're looking for some cool decor, happie camper shop sells adorable rainbow to hang!

This shop has sooo many cool and customizable products, you'll be sure to find something cute for someone or yourself!

sooo many options for some cutie stickers!

such a unique and cute product to get someone!!

my FAV scrunches from @lascrunchie, I literally wear her scrunches all the time!! This one and the Dalmatian scrunchies are adorable!!

this shop has such cute and unique products! you’ll be sure to love all her designs and accessories!


unique and affordable jewelry for everyone can be found in these cute shops below!

Simply sufficient designs



There are SOOO many more small businesses that I really wish we could include but then, unfortunately, we would all be here for hours haha! Comment down below if you have a small business and make sure to check out me and my business here! We hope you will shop small this season and support all these businesses, have a wonderful Monday!


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