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Skills That Every Teen Girl Boss Should Have

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Teen Boss Babes Blog! In today’s blog post I am going to talk about skills that every Teen Boss Babe should have. I want to help our fellow readers know the must-have things you should already have when starting out, these things are not things to buy but they are life skills that are very essential!

1. Know the purpose of your brand/business

I personally believe that knowing your business’s or brand’s purpose is very helpful when you are writing an email or when you are just explaining your brand or business.

2. Know how to write an email

You can watch videos or read blog posts on how to write an email or you can talk to our girl, Paula @itspaypayy, from the Teen Boss Babes Creative Team because she did a talk about how to write an email to brands, etc at the Teen Boss Babe’s Webinar and it was very helpful.

3. Use proper grammar

As a teen entrepreneur, you are automatically not treated the same and are looked like you are not good enough to speak your voice or even have a brand or business because of your age which is CRAZY! That is one the reasons why Teen Boss Babes was created but proper grammar can make it or break it in the business world because people might think you are possibly a scam or people would believe you are not serious to get what you are asking for. So make sure your re-read your work and you can also use Grammarly, the free version is very good on its own so please pay attention to grammar it is very important.

4. Know how to network

Knowing how to network is very important because networking is a way to promote your business so emailing people or direct messaging people can help you share your Business/ brand from home but when we get back to the normal life you can hand make or create business cards and go to the city near you where there might be a networking conference but please do your research because you want to go to a safe place while promoting your business/brand.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and hopefully, you all can keep these skills in mind. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @akunnadesigns and Give my podcast a listen @ The Bloom Podcast and lastly, make sure to follow Teen Boss babes on Instagram @teenbossbabes and remember you are worth it, your ideas are worth.


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