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Reasons why you are a Girlboss

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Teen Boss Babes Blog, I hope you are enjoying my blog posts and the content that is being put out from the team. This blog post is all about reasons why you are a Girlboss, A Girlboss is not only a lady who owns a business, A girl boss can be thriving in literally any aspect of her life.

According to The dictionary, a Girlboss is " A confident, capable woman who pursues her own ambitions instead of working for others or otherwise settling in life." This definition captures it all, I know the majority of the people reading this blog post is like me and is a teenage girl trying to make her mark on the world and that's great. These few reasons can make you think about how you are already a Girlboss in an aspect of your life.

  1. You always want to be the best in what you are doing.

What I mean by this is maybe you want to go to an Ivy league like me or you're just very academically focused, you would want to take honors or AP classes, you would ask for help when needed, etc. When you take initiative you are portraying Girlboss traits, this also works with sports, let's say you are good at soccer and you want to be the captain of your soccer team, you will probably work out harder, run more, help out more, come to practice earlier or stay later so that you can stand out from the crowd and so you can be nominated to be team captain. So when you take initiative and keep on working harder and dedicating your time to what you are passionate about, you are already showing Girlboss traits.

2. You are willing to ask for help.

No one is perfect and knowing that is an important thing to know because if you try to do everything by yourself even when you are clueless about what to do, that will not help you in the future because whatever you are doing wrong. Before I had a very hard time for asking for help because I didn't want to look dumb and I was comparing myself to others because they understood Math more than me, me not asking for help ended up hurting me because I was struggling in class but after I asked my teacher for help, my friends for help and went to tutoring that helped me tremendously because now I wasn't struggling and I was able to pass my class with an A. So as you see for some people asking for help can be hard especially for people like me you probably compare themselves but my story shows that you may have to break some of your ways of thinking when you are trying to learn so that you can be successful.

3. You are passionate about what you are doing.

Passion and self-motivation are very crucial when you are doing what you love because passion makes it fun for you to do and self-motivation helps you achieve things in what you are doing. Self-motivation and Motivation, in general, are very important when you don't feel like doing something or if someone else got a position or achievement you wanted because when you have the motivation you can push past that and try again. Having faith in yourself is key when competing with other people who are fighting for the same spot because when you have faith in yourself, you will just do things with a pep in your step and people WILL take notice.

I hope these things boost you up so that you can know you are GirlBoss and that you are killing it. Thank you for reading my blogpost and remember to follow me @akunnadesigns on Instagram and Teen Boss Babes @teenbossbabes on IG.


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