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Perfect Back-To-School Apps/Websites

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hey guys! School’s just about to start, and for some, it has already! Now, understandably many schools are starting online so I thought I’d share my favorite school-related apps that have influenced my academic success for the better this past year.

One Note

This amazing Microsoft application can be downloaded for free on your computer or phone.

This app is a game-changer for note-taking; you can create “notebooks” and within those, you can create different sections and within those sections, you create different get the idea. The notebooks can correspond to your classes, sections to your subject chapters, and pages as your class notes. In my opinion, I find it more useful than google docs because your information becomes much tidier. You can create text boxes next to each other instead of being constrained from the google doc format, where your information can’t be arranged side-by-side. There are also cool color-coding features as well as cool tags such as check-boxes, stars to mark important information, and more. This app is a unique alternative to owning actual notebooks, which is befitting for our situation.


You can study the functions of graphs and their behavior. Just enter the function on the side and play around with the numbers and the signs. Using this app has been a tremendous help when I was attempting to understand more complex math functions in trigonometry. You won’t regret it.


Slader is an awesome website and app that allows you to look up textbooks and their questions. Many of them have answer keys with explanations. This is especially useful now with quarantine since many students probably won’t have the opportunity to ask for extra help from their teachers in class. Slader is just a great homework tool for self-teaching.

Adobe Fill & Sign

This free app can be downloaded on your phone and is extremely useful for filling out online PDF forms. Once school kicks back around, students are expected to look over and sign classroom syllabi. Since many schools will kick off the year online; the expectation is to print out the document, sign it, take a picture, and send it to your teacher. However, this app spares you the tedious effort of setting up your printer and having it malfunction like printers love to do! Just fill in the spaces with text boxes on this app and you’ll be ready! Bonus: Many teachers send out homework in PDF form too!

Remember to continue to wear your masks and social distance. Understandably, we may have people we miss, but keeping to ourselves is essential during these times. Stay safe ladies and let’s hope we return to school safely soon! Thanks!

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