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Paola's High School Experience

Hey everyone it's me Paola here, Founder and CEO of Teen Boss Babes. Today I wanted to dedicate a post here on the Teen Boss Babes blog all about my high school experience. As you may know I started TBB during high school so I wanted to share a little bit about it all!

Let's get started with overall high school experience!

High School is a time of your life where you least expect things. In high school you meet new people, you go through new experiences, you make new memories , and most importantly you are slowly you are becoming an adult. Now you might be like OMG, Paola tell me all about your high school , what was your experience like. I am here to tell you it all and share some memories of high school that I want others to know because anyone can experience it.

#1 Friendship Losses

Yes, you might hear " You will loose friends , you will find new friends, you will find your forever friends. " I 100% live by that. During high school I struggled a lot with finding the right friends for me and the right group. Starting off with freshman year, I became friends with new students and it was something I was so excited about. But with that, I started leaving my friends from middle school which is totally okay. With going into new friendships , I was lead into a path that was not me. With these friends , I got in-trouble , I was not able to be my true self , I was someone else who I personally did not know. You might be thinking , OMG Paola why would you let this happen but honestly it just does. Being in high school you start making friends that you barley know and it might not take you to the right place. Now flash forward to my next 3 years Freshman - Junior, I was stuck in this friendship group that I knew was not good for me. It was keeping me away from being myself , from following my dreams and from doing what I love. I eventually left this friend group and it was the best decision of my life. After getting out of the friendship, I was able to connect once again with my friends and start realizing that everything going on with my past friend group was never good. Leaving the friend group , I was able to start my 1st business , get into FIDM , and most importantly start Teen Boss Babes.

#2 Following your dreams

As you guys know , I am big on sharing with everyone to follow your dreams and in reality it was something that I struggled with. As I was saying before , it was hard with friends to follow my dreams but another road block is Teachers. Many of you might experience not close relationships with your teachers and I wanted to touch base on it too. When starting my journey of applying to FIDM , there was NO teachers that believed me. All of my teachers told me I was doing the wrong thing, that I was told young to know what I wanted , that I was just dreaming. When hearing this from teachers, it does bring you down and does kind of loose your hope in things. It did happen to me , I lost a bit of hope in wanting to continue this journey of applying to FIDM. But of course, I wanted to push myself and continue applying . I did so and did not tell any teachers from my school because I knew if I would, it would once again lower my confidence of applying to the school. Flash forward once again I got accepted into FIDM and teachers continued to not believed me. Still to this day teachers still think this isn't the right decision and I am not going anywhere going to this school. This was something I never wish upon someone goes through but it could happen. From this situation , I want people to learn that no matter what people say or do you can follow your dreams even if no one supports you!

#3 Being an Entrepreneur in High School

Being an entrepreneur in high school, is something that was rare when I started. When I started my 1st business in my sophmore year, it was something that was rare to my friends. When starting my journey, I was made fun of and once again not taking seriously. With months of starting Socials By Paola , I was still not taken seriously and it was something I noticed and wanting to change. That's when Teen Boss Babes came along. I started Teen Boss Babes because I did not want people to go through the same thing as me. That is why Teen Boss Babes is a big part of my high school experience but of course it was something so new to my school. Starting TBB was able to help me start becoming my true self and express things I am passionate about.

With all this I wanted to share my high school experiences. Now I know it's all bad experiences but its true and what I went through. Even though all this happened, I still had an amazing high school experience. I was able to create fun memories with friends and my classmates. Not only that but I was able to find my true self in high school and find my true self in these years. Before finishing my post, I just want to say some thank you's to some people !

Thank you to my best friend Ximena for always believing in me.

Thank you to my family for being their for me.

Thank you to the TBB girls who have helped me through all this and have become my closest friends.

Thank you to the TBB community for all the love and support.

I am so excited for my future and I hope you guys are excited for the future of Teen Boss Babes with me!


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