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Overall TBB Relaunch Feels from Paola and Paula

Hello everyone! This is Akunna and I am back with another blog post! In this blog post, I had the amazing opportunity of interviewing Paola and Paula questions about how they feel a month into TBB's relaunch. I am so grateful to be able to get their response to how they felt this past month. Without further ado, let's begin get into the questions.

1. How would you describe this past months of the TBB relaunch in one word?

Paola: Exciting

Paula: It’s epic! We have so many things planned for TBB and we can’t wait to share it with everyone!

2. How does communicating with the TBB audience feel like again?

Paola: It is amazing to be able to connect with the community once again! Teen Boss Babes is something that I love to do and I love connecting with others so this is amazing!

Paula: It feels like we never stopped to be honest! Everyone seems so excited and happy to be back, and that we’re back.

3. How has it been like working with the TBB team?

Paola: The TBB team has been amazing! We are so excited about our 2022 team and we are so excited to see the amazing skills they bring to TBB!

Paula: The TBB team is AMAZING! We have so many creative people and I’m just in awe that they wanted to be part of our team!

4. What do you hope people get from TBB?

Paola: I hope people are able to learn from TBB! I want people to be able to learn and grow with Teen Boss Babes. Not only that but sharing with us there thoughts and ideas!

Paula: I hope our community not only learns, but knows that we’re here for them. We’re more than just a community. I’ve made some AMAZING friends through Teen Boss Babes and it feels great to know that you have someone to talk to that’s on the same boat as you- or similar.

5. What are some goals you have for TBB in the next few months?

Paola: For the next months we hope one of the biggest goals I have is to bring back our online events! We would love to bring events back for our community and perhaps a in person event!

Paula: I for sure want to bring back our Online Events! We got to meet so many people from around the world and got to hear from some amazing speakers as well. Maybe some in-person events too?! I really want to meet everyone in our community! Also, creating new merch! I can’t wait to get that project started, but not just yet.

6. What would you like to say to the TBB audience?

Paola: I want to thank everyone for being apart of the community and growing with us! It means so much to me !

Paula: Thank you to everyone for being part of this community! You guys are the reason why Teen Boss Babes is where it is today. Without you guys, this wouldn’t be possible!

Thank you so much Paola and Paula for taking the time out of your day to response to these questions and hope you all enjoyed this blog post as well.

See you all next time,

Akunna O.


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