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On Gratitude

Updated: Dec 8, 2021


The overwhelming feeling of having so much to say, but being unable to find the words to express anything. When you silently soak in the warmth of a fulfilling meal, or the love of your family. When you bask in the beauty of an autumn sunset, or let yourself be consumed by the sea in summer.

In this, there is joy. But with it comes the all-consuming, everlasting sense of gratefulness.

Of gratitude.

It is a tricky emotion. It hits you at the most unexpected times, whilst doing the most trivial of things.

(But then again, it's quite ungrateful to call what we do trivial, no? )

And it leaves you in a trance of sorts.

Waiting, watching, as the things around you show under a different light.

Every action is varied after that, gentler perhaps.

You feel an urge to be kinder, softer, to those around you.

The knickknacks on your table have more meaning.

The old poster on your wall is suddenly gleaming.

It's a swirl of emotions. Of joy, of sadness, of longing.

Of gratitude.


Happy Diwali to everyone!

- Aashi


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