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Importance of Mental Health.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hey everyone! It’s your girl Akunna and I am so happy you are here reading this blog post especially on the first Monday of September! I’m so happy because fall is basically around the corner and I can get all my flannels, boots and sweaters out, etc. With the month of September, it is also National Suicide Prevention Month and in this blog post, I wanted to talk about how mental health is VERY important especially since all of you have a lot of things on your plate.

I also wanted to say that I am not an expert with mental health and these tips I am giving you is from my personal experiences. If you are having trouble with your mental health, you should talk to a friend, parent, family friend, or therapist so you can talk things out.

Over quarantine, I have talked so much in my podcast episodes about how I became more anxious, I have always felt overwhelmed about school but when I was stuck at home I was kinda forced in a way to evaluate my thoughts which I normally don’t do. I felt the most insecure I have ever felt in my life, my friend group sized down but sized up at the same time because of TBB which I am so grateful for. I was just overall confused with my emotions and I didn’t know where to go to, so I would change up my hair or have a simple pamper night but none of that was helping me and that is when I realized that all those things were not solving the main problem, I had to find ways to take care of myself that didn’t involve buying something.

This is where I struggled for the longest time, it was crazy to me because every other part of my life was going good but I didn’t feel good. So one day I was so overwhelmed with all the work I had to do, I was also getting really sick of being in my house all the time, so I went on a walk for 2 HOURS! That wasn’t planned but that walk really happened my calm down and just enjoy nature and there it was I founded what made me center myself and that was nature so every day I would go on a run, or a walk or just eat lunch outside because it made me feel good. After a while, I started to read my bible and I felt so much better and then I wrote my first ever daily affirmations to remind myself every day that I was beautiful and wonderfully made if I ever looked in a mirror and I said “ I’m so ugly” I will immediately say my daily affirmations and just hugged myself.

These were the things I did but what you can do is journal because getting your thoughts out on paper is very helpful, be around people that make you happy, do things that make you happy, have a pamper day if you need that rest or just sleep in. If these things don’t help you then try exploring different ventures where you can release endorphins so you can be happier and just talk to someone and it has to be someone you trust and when you do because you will feel so much better.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this blog post and I hope my experience and tips can help you in some shape or form. If you want to talk to me or any of the TBB girls please feel free to do so because we are for you.

Have a great day and remember you are worth it.


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