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How to Write Instagram Captions

Instagram is so much fun but often I think captions is the hardest part. I do keep things in mind when putting the captions together. I need to be sure the caption is well thought out in order to keep my account effective. I will be sharing some tips on how to create captions that are effective!

Know your audience:

I don’t try to write captions that will work for just anyone I write captions that will target a connection with my audience.

Be mindful of the terminology:

With my audience in mind, I have to make sure it is not too hard to read. I try to keep it straight to the point. I try not to use complicated thoughts or challenging words.

Ask questions:

I usually try to incorporate a question somewhere in the caption to get a discussion going. since Instagram is also a community account this helps keep people engaged and creates opportunities to share ideas.

Include Call to Action:

To create a call-to-action in your Instagram caption, you just need to ask your followers to do something after reading your caption.

Use Hashtags:

Hashtags improve the odds of individuals discovering your post based on its topic—such as nutritious breakfast or your weight loss journey. If your post is on a movie, album, or book, use appropriate hashtags to get into the discussion. All in all, it’ll grow post reach, organize posts, and boost your chance of gaining new followers.

All these things are crucial to ensure the best caption possible so despite being small they matter!

Keep on Creating & Best of luck on your content journey!

Brianna Marie


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