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How to romanticize school

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Teen Boss Babes Blog. Today’s blog post is going to be on how to romanticize school, personally, the fall is the time where school is actually doable. I think the weather and “fall” music make school seem pretty. This experience can make someone romanticize school and I will give you some tips on how you can romanticize school so that you can put your best foot forward.

  1. Make a Pinterest board about school-related activities. (studying, extracurriculars, school notes, outfit ideas, etc.)

  2. Make a playlist for school that makes you feel on top of the world.

This helps when you are listening to music while doing your class/homework or walking in the hallways.

3. Plan your outfits.

In actuality, planning your outfit and wearing clothes that make you feel good will make you confident and that will transcend to how you work/behave at school.

4. Act like your favorite school-related movie/tv show character.

This can be like the characters from shows like Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls.

5. Read a book and act like you are in a movie.

The type of book doesn’t matter, it's just that you are exercising your brain in another way and you seem more studious that way.

6. Watch romanticizing school Tiktoks.

Those were a few tips that I had for you to help with your romanticizing school journey. If you want more tips there are videos on YouTube that can help you like this one:

I hope you all found this blog post helpful.

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