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How to Reset

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hey girls! It’s your girl Akunna O and I’m back for another blog post that I hope helps you or adds knowledge into your busy lives. This blog post is on how to reset, so basically reset yourself for the month, the school week, and just for life. I feel like right now for a lot of us, we are getting really bored with school like it’s so hard to push through day to day sometimes and that’s okay. I recently just came out of my own rut as well and with a few talks with my family and some cry sessions ( which helped) I was able to get back on my feet and don’t feel burnt out anymore.

I feel like a reset is great not only if you had a burn out like me but a reset can you increase your mood for the new week you are about to conquer. I will be writing this from my own perspective because these are things I did to get back up on my feet and now the things I do every weekend to feel more mentally prepared.

Personally, I was burnt out because I have a lot of plates I carry, I write for two blogs TBB and my personal one, I was stressed about school, I was overthinking a lot, and in general, I felt trapped and I felt like I wasn’t doing much. That’s a struggle I face every day on being content with the amount of work I do every day because I don’t give myself enough credit sometimes and that’s what resulted in my first ever breakdown for this school year at least.

So I sat down and told myself to do nothing that weekend, I did all my homework and studying that Friday evening and on Saturday and Sunday, I watched Netflix and talked to friends. I just gave myself the freedom to be lazy and not feel bad that I wasn’t being productive. On that Sunday, I did my hair, nails, and had a whole pamper day. I also did things I loved so I worked out, made a plan on how I can manage my time well, and I also planned the incoming week.

Another thing I did was spend time with the Lord because I’m Christian so I read the bible, prayed my feelings out, and honestly, that really helped me calm down from my usual overthinking and anxiety of the future.

It still took me a whole week to really feel okay again but that weekend was very essential to my success in managing stress and different things. Currently on the weekend, I usually just binge watch Grey’s Anatomy which helps me a lot. Something so simple as watching a show can help you reset but another thing is getting back on a routine so maybe make a healthy breakfast or sleeping early can all key into your personal reset routine.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, remember to not overwork yourself like I did, and remember breaks are good for you and not so bad. If you want any advice on how to reset dm me on Instagram @akunnadesigns and Remember you are loved and that you are unique.


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