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How to make 2021 count

Hey everyone! It’s your girl Akunna and I hope you are having an amazing day and hopefully a good month into 2021. In today’s blog post, I will be discussing how to make 2021 count for you because I feel like in mid-January people start to slip up on their goals and I am here to help you not slip or get off track. All the tips mentioned in this blog post are also on my podcast “The Bloom Podcast” where I really go deep into each of these tips. So let’s get into it:

  1. Don’t only focus on habits but systems.

You might ask me, “Akunna, What in the heck do you mean by only focusing on habits, isn’t that the whole point of reaching your goals?” Well yes, habits are important because successful habits create successful people but if you don’t have a system or plan, your habits might be all of the places. For example, if you want to work 4-5x a week, you can’t just say I will have a habit of going on a run every day, if you do that, you will probably do it 85% of the time. So sit down and write what time of your day you want to schedule to workout either in the morning or evening, when you do that you will be more inclined to go workout since it’s in your schedule now, that’s an effective system.

  1. Know your weaknesses.

Know what discourages you from pushing yourself, putting yourself first, or even reaching your goals. Being observant and self-aware of the thoughts you have when you want to give up or feel discouraged can help you find what your negative thoughts are and how you can change them. For me, I always say that I don’t have to do something on my to-do list but at that moment I have a choice of either procrastinating and having to stay up all night to complete an assignment or start and not having to worry about it, this hack has really increased my self-discipline and overall knowing your weakness can be very helpful to optimize your productivity.

  1. Mind your business.

Usually, people take this tip as an offense but one thing I have realized is that when you remind your business and don’t spend all your time on someone else that you can use to better yourself is so good. You are then able to upgrade yourself and work in silence which I feel quarantine is very good for, so mind business and drink your water.

  1. Have a boss babe mindset.

To be honest, I got this mindset from all the bad b-girl vibes on TikTok and when I tell you those videos hype me up, they really do. I really recommend going on TikTok and go see those types of videos because you will learn so much, that you will start to carry yourself differently and know what you should really be focusing on-- you.

  1. Take it day by day, week by week, and month by month.

I feel like when it comes to new year's resolutions, people get automatically overwhelmed because they “have” to achieve their goals at that right moment. But that is so wrong, plan to have a goal check-up every 3 months so 4 times a year so that you can be on track and know where to focus your energy. Just remember you achieving your goals won’t happen overnight but if you stay persistent and consistent it will happen, so just take it day by day.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I hope these tips really helped you to make 2021 your year. Remember to stay safe and have fun. xx Akunna.


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