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How To Improve Your Instagram Photos

Ever wondered how to be an Instagram queen? It’s quite simple, in fact I have my 3 top tips to help you improve your Instagram photos! ⁣


⁣1. Angles⁣

⁣Angles are crucial when creating photos. Professional photographers use angles to define their voice, presence and overall visual purpose. Angles add dimensions and can truly capture a scene when used correctly. Needless to say, angles are a way to characterize your photos on your feed.⁣


⁣2. Lighting⁣

⁣Lighting. Lighting. Lighting. Can I say it enough? Imagine a photo of an ocean with sun glares and a grainy filter. That is not appealing to the eye. In contrast, a picture of a vivid blue ocean that’s crisp is ultimately the better photo. ⁣


⁣3. Background⁣

⁣Backgrounds matter, believe it or not. In a world where aesthetics are dominating basic designs, backgrounds can really spice up your feed. Of course, maintain a consistent theme when using backgrounds but definitely consider them when taking photos.⁣


⁣Hopefully, these tips have given you insight into what to add to your photos to liven them up!

Writing Credits (@julie.johnson03)


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