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How to get ready for school virtually.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hey everyone! It’s your girl Akunna and I am so happy you are taking the time out of your day to read this blog post on Teen Boss Babes! This blog post is going to be on what to do the night before and the day of your first day of school online. I am going to be doing school virtually for my first semester of school so I know that I am going to be home, staring at a screen for 6 - 7 months which is crazy but I am totally fine with it. I know many of y’all who are starting school virtually are like “what do you want me to be doing to get ready for school if no one can see me and I’m in the comfort of my bed?” Great question, you don’t have to do anything but I feel when you feel prepared it will help you feel your best.

The first thing you should do the night before is to plan your breakfast, make your lunch,

and get to bed early. I know these are things you would do on a normal first day of school but when you do these things the night before you will have more time during your lunch break to just pick up your food, eat and chill. In the morning you can have a healthy and filling breakfast so that you wouldn’t be snacking all day and also so that you can take some time to just be calm instead of running around the house trying to not miss your class. Lastly, Go to bed early, yes I know all of us as had bad sleep schedules these past few months but you need your sleep and TikTok isn’t going to run away from you ( hopefully lol) but I suggest you start trying two weeks before the first week of school to get your sleep schedule back to normal because you don’t want to miss your classes in the morning because you decided to sleep late, so please get some sleep.

Now It’s the first day of school, “what do I even do?” You might ask, Well you should make a playlist that gets you hype and you should play it because even though you are going to be home you are still doing actual school so get your mood up.

Another thing you should do is get ready because I know I am just because I want to feel like I’m at “school” not like the other months when I was just chilling at home doing nothing. So yeah do your makeup & hair then dress up. Also, take pics so you can look back at when you were going back to school quarantine style.

I know all these things are over the top but I know I’m probably going to do this all the time because I am just that extra. I also wanted to included that since you might be in high school or middle school, during your lunchtime after eating your lunch, you should have recess because the last time I had recess was in fifth grade so I know I am going to go on walks and make TikToks just to help me from my midday slump.

Thank you for reading this blog post, I hope you have an amazing start to this new type of school year and have a great day!


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