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Growing Confidence Online

Are you having some downfalls on starting a brand or being open to share more content. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone at some point. It is a phase of starting social media and wanting to have more than just an ordinary Instagram to post on. I am here to hopefully help you with that fear!⁣


⁣1. Put your differences aside⁣

⁣When you are looking at other content creators posting stories and being consistent don’t take fear from that. It is normal to feel overwhelmed that so many people are doing these “perfect” stories and you might not think you can. DO NOT WORRY, it takes everyone so many tries to create that perfect story trust me it usually takes 10 tries for me. You just keep practicing.⁣


⁣2. Put your pride aside⁣

⁣Never posting it will never help you. You need to make sure to post what you have been wanting to post because if you do not you will never. The same goes if you want to connect with another boss babes, send that message no matter if you have an error or does not sound right. JUST DO IT !⁣


⁣3. Move past perfectionism ⁣

⁣If you are ever waiting for that “perfect” influencer posting you will never be able to move forward. You need to move past perfectionism and starting serving your audience with the best content you can! Trust me no one really focuses on how perfect your art is. ⁣


⁣I hope you were able to get some more confidence on wanting to post on social media. Let me know if any of these helped you or how you will be using them.


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