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Get Into The Fall Mood

What’s up bosses! Do you guys feel the chill settling in? It’s Fall Season! This is a time that is often overshadowed by events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even CHRISTMAS! However, we want to fully appreciate the beauty that comes with fall, so here are a few ways to get into the fall mood.

Update Your Wardrobe (Of Course)

Although it may not be possible for everyone to purchase the latest fall clothes--fingers pointing at me--you can simply recycle clothes, pair them up with “non-fall” clothes, add accessories, and Ta-Da! You have yourself a look. Many times, you’ll find that a big coat will do the trick! Fashion is an expressive art so use it to showcase your love for fall!

Light Those Candles

Nothing delights me more than the scent of maple-scented candles. Scents evoke powerful emotions from us and I find that candles, especially those with scents like vanilla and pumpkin spice, remind me heavily of fall time. If you don’t own candles, you can consider fall-scented lotions or perfumes. They work just as well! My favorite scent is caramel!

Read A Book

The weather begins to change around October-November. That means chilly and rainy weather is in. Few things beat the cozy feeling of lying in bed and enjoying a good series. Try it! And if you're not the most excited reader, you can always replace this activity with a movie/show night, or a drawing session, or a baking battle, or practically anything!

Go Outside

As I mentioned before, cold weather dominates the fall season. I love going out during this time and admiring nature’s transition from green and yellow shades to orange, brown, and amber pallets. Not only can you snap some fancy fall pictures during this time, you can just hang out with loved ones, buy warm coffee or cocoa, and appreciate the changing weather and mood. Stay warm and scarf up though!

Covid-19 may not allow us to gather in large groups, but try appreciating the beautiful things we still get to enjoy. Stay safe out there and hold onto fall while it lasts!


Sissy Arenas

Instagram: @sissyaarenas



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