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Fun Activities For December—Because This Year Was Rough!

Hey girls! It’s Sissy! I know many of us can agree that this year was something else! Although we’re grateful for our blessings, we understand that 2020 caused much pain to us and our loved ones. For that reason, I encourage you to make the best out of December and end the year strong like a boss babe. Here’s a list of fun activities for the month of December.

Light some candles

Again with the candles—I’m obsessed! Scents that go wonderfully with December are Cinnamon, Caramel, Vanilla, and Pumpkin Spice! Light those bad boys and you’ll notice a difference in your mood. It’s the smell of Christmas!

Paint your nails

Who doesn’t love self care! I’m painting mine periwinkle blue!

Make Christmas Cards

Many of us are tight on money this year, however, it's gifts from the heart that matter most! Make Christmas cards for you friends and family! Get your arts and crafts supplies out and sprinkle some glitter! I can guarantee you it’ll make their hearts melt, as well as yours.

Watch movies

Cold weather = movie marathons. Pick out some movies to watch with your family! A popular one that many binge watch every winter is Harry Potter, but you can pretty much watch whatever you want! Pop out some hot chocolate—or chocolate—and relax.

Go on a night walk

Personally, this year has been rough. I’m a senior and this wasn’t how I expected the school year to look like. However, I recently went on a walk and the Christmas lights lifted my sorrows like wonders! It’s the Christmas cheer, I’m telling you! It was fun, beautiful, and in a way, inspired hope. Covid-19 can’t take away Christmas cheer. Things will get better.

You can end this month strong! Believe in yourself.


Sissy Arenas


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