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Embracing Your Hot Girl Summer Mindset

Now that summer is finally here let's delve into how you can achieve the “Hot Girl Summer” that everyone tries to commit to.

Hot Girl Summer doesn’t have to be about going on dates, or getting into the best shape even though it certainly can. It means getting yourself into the happiest version of you. Here are some tips from Teen Boss Babes that we’d love to give you!

1.Get some Vitamin D in your system.

It’s summer and it’s sunny, go enjoy it! It’s been proven multiple times that Vitamin D has a positive effect on your mood so soak it all in. Go on a walk, drink some orange juice, take a supplement. Anything that’ll make you mentally feel better will get you to have a better summer and mindset.

2. Spend some quality time alone and with friends.

There's going to be days this summer when you want to live the Instagram worthy life and do it, it's fun and aesthetic. However, there's other days where you need a good day to take care of your mental health. Prioritize both. Split each week into a few days dedicated to you and the rest into some type of plans. It creates a healthy balance that leaves your mind and your feed happy.

3. Take up a new hobby.

It's awesome to cook the Gigi Hadid pasta that has been trending ever since it emerged onto social media, but it may be time to learn something new. Try whipping up a new protein bowl, or another refreshing meal you haven't had before. Join a yoga or kickboxing class, a running group, or your nearest spin cycle studio near you. Just be open to new things and you may really enjoy one; you don't know until you try.

We have July and August to spend still, so make the most of it. Utilize the tips that Teen Boss Babes has provided you with. Maybe it'll make your ordinary summer into that Hot Girl Summer you've been waiting for!


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