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Current Podcast Favorites You Must Listen To

Hey Everyone! I am currently in love with listening to podcasts and podcasts. I want to share with you guys my current favorite podcasts and why I love them! ⁣


⁣1. The Goal Digger Podcast⁣

⁣This is one my favorite podcasts because there is so much you can learn from one episode. Jenna Kutcher is able to share her message and content in just a podcast episode. I really recommend if you want to learn new content and new tips that are going to help you with your entrepreneurial journey.⁣


⁣2. The Real Reel Podcast ⁣

⁣The Real Reel Podcast is the first podcast I ever listened to. Natalie is a content creator who started this podcaSt to share her story and other entrepreneurial journeys. I have been able to learn so much from the episodes as well and find many people that I would have never found because of Natalie. Her episodes are very engaging and amazing to listen too. I 100% recommend.


⁣3. The Guava Girl Podcasts ⁣

⁣Isabella started this podcast with so much amazing information. When listening to the podcast you will be able to learn a lot of business. Life, marketing , and much more. It is an amazing podcast if you want to learn more. Isabella wants everyone to feel empowered and lead them into a journey they never thought would be possible. ⁣


⁣4. The Dream Achieve Podcast⁣

⁣Hannah Ashton created The Dream Achieve Podcast to empower dreams and achievers. She put her podcast on a stop but listening to old episodes are amazing. I have been able to learn so much about how she started her YouTube and business journey. I recommend for entrepreneurs who want to hear a story from a college student!⁣


⁣5. The Teen Boss Babes Podcast⁣

⁣How could I not include my own podcast. The Teen Boss Babes podcast is all about learning from other boss babes. I interview entrepreneurs from all different careers and want to help you guys follow your dreams. ⁣


⁣These were my top 5 favorite podcasts. I hope you will check them out and learn so much. Feel free to let me know how you feel about these podcasts !


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