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Code Girl Summer!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Summer is almost over (yeah, I almost cried while writing that), and back to school is coming really soon! In Teen Boss Babes´ Instagram, we shared a bunch of ideas of how you could have a fun summer while still working for your goals and growing.

This summer I had the amazing opportunity of being part of Kode with Klossy summer camp, and it was the best way I could spend my last summer weeks. Kode with Klossy is a completely free camp for girls and non-binary people where you can learn how to code while having fun and making new friends. The best part about this camp is that you don´t need any experience in coding and you learn so fast. Right now I´m in my second and last week of the camp, and I´m working with an amazing team to build a website that would help create consciousness about taking care of the planet and start having a more sustainable lifestyle.

During this camp, we are also learning about successful women in coding and science and I find their stories so inspiring, I´ll share with you some of them so you can start your day fully motivated.

Ada Lovelace - She was the first computer programmer! She started as a mathematician, but later on, she discovered that her mechanical computer could do way more things than only calculations, and created the first algorithm for it.

Annie Easley - She was part of NASA as a "human computer" where she did computation for researchers, she then became a computer programmer and helped in the research for battery technology and early hybrid vehicles

Grace Hopper - She was the creator of the theory of machine-independent programming languages that would lead to the invention of COBOL ( a programming language that is still used nowadays)

I think it´s really important that we get involved in STEM subjects (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) even if we don´t dream of pursuing a career in any of these fields, at the end of the day are skills that would help us later.

Now tell us, how will you spend your last weeks of summer?


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