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Autumn Film Recs

Autumn brings a brownish tint to everything. The leaves, the sky, and even the clothes.

Almost as though we're in a film.

And some of the best kinds of films are those which bring us a sense of comfort.

So here are some movie recommendations for this beautiful season:


The story of a teenage witch who sets out on the traditional search for her new base town. She lands in the charismatic city of Koriko, and eventually uses her magic to start a delivery service.


Osono's bakery, Kiki's cozy room and the beautiful landscape of Koriko. All of it suits the fall aesthetic. Ghibli films have a special aura to them, but this one is especially suited for the ongoing season.


After a Polish violinist, Andrea, washes onto the beach in two sisters' backyard, Ursula and Janet spend the next few months trying to get him into a good condition. The entire town is charmed by the foreign musician, and they help him play a concert in London.

This movie is perhaps one of the most charming ones I've seen. It wraps around you like a tight blanket, as though you were with the sisters in the English countryside. It's got everything; family, friendship, heartbreak, you name it.


The classic story of the global star who falls in love with a small bookshop owner. Whichever season it is, this will never disappoint!

It gives me fall vibes because of the setting. It's so calmly romantic, and has a safe feeling. I don't think I need to convince you on this one.


A progressive English teacher tries to show life out of convention to his students, who are enrolled in an esteemed prep school. He tries to share with them the love of poetry and literature.

The first film that came to mind was this. Fall is dark academia. And dark academia is this movie. I understand that it's much more 'mainstream' than several dark academic films out there, but this one's a cult classic. And we do need a bit of Robin Williams from time to time. :')


This is the story of two tween lovebirds who run away together, prompting a town to wake up and search for them.


Wes Anderson's films are wildly adventurous. They're comical and quirky, which might bring a twist to the fall aesthetic we're trying to fit into at the moment. It's visually pleasing, and might even give your autumn experience a new direction, considering the highly saturated colour pallet this film has.

Of course, there are lots of films to watch, and considering how close Halloween is, everyone's probably going to shift to horror. But these were just examples of the different varieties of movies you can watch, which perfectly suit the fall aesthetic.

- Aashi

(has seen 3.5/5 of these films)


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