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An introduction from the TBB Team

Hello everyone! Welcome to the newly relaunched Teen Boss Babes! We are so happy that you are here learning more about what TBB has to offer!

TBB has come a long way and we are so grateful for your interest in this nonprofit organization for Teen girls who want to build their own brand and also find a community of like-minded girls as well. In this blog post, some of the TBB team members will be introducing themselves, if you could also introduce yourself and list a thing you are excited about the relaunch of TBB in the comments would be great!

Paola Ochoa - CEO of TBB

Hi! It’s me Paola Founder & CEO of Teen Boss Babes. I am so excited to re-launch Teen Boss Babes this year and to see all the opportunities 2022 and TBB 2.0 are going to bring us. Starting this nonprofit 2 years ago, I would have never imagined the community we have built and all the Boss Babes out there! I am excited that we are continuing to share tips, tricks, advice, and so much more. I can not wait for everyone to see the future of Teen Boss Babes!

Paula - CFO of Teen Boss Babes

Ellexus - PR Manager

Hi everyone, I’m Ellexus, the PR Manager here at TBB. With the new rebrand, I’m so excited to welcome new people into the community and share all of our exciting ideas! People should expect content that’s new and exciting and lots of fun surprises.

Andrea Hurtado- PR & Marketing

One thing that I am so excited about with the TBB rebrand is all of the new collaborations on our social media platforms with amazing micro-influencers and content creators. It was so much fun reaching out and connecting with these wonderful creators so that they could share their tips and wisdom with our lovely community members. Something that I think people should expect from the new TBB is more resources to grow as a leader, micro-influencer, entrepreneur, etc. We are always working towards providing as much value and education to our members in the digital media industry. A fun fact about myself is that I am a huge Ariana Grande and The Weeknd stan and I absolutely love all of their collaborations and music!

Akunna Okonkwo - Blog

Hello everyone! My name is Akunna and one thing I am exa=ctied about with the TBB rebrand is the interactions with the TBB community, I believe the TBB community truly makes TBB shine and I am excited to interact with you all. I have been a part of TBB since April of 2020 and I am beyond proud of where we have come now I am curious about what the future has to in-store.

I hope you liked this blog post, we still have many amazing girls working so hard for TBB behind the scenes, and we hope you give you amazing content in the future.

XOXO, Akunna O.


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