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Activities To Do During Quarantine.

By: Akunna O

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Teen Boss Babes Blog, We hope you all are staying safe and focusing on yourself and learning new things during this time. Today, this blogpost is activities to do during quarantine, Many people have been in their homes for two months now and I think its time to have new activities that you can do to add a little spice into your lives right now. I hope you all enjoy this blog post, so sit back, enjoy, and let’s get into it.

1. Read motivational books.

I have been at home for two months now and even though I am at home, I am very busy but on Mother’s day, I finished one of my books called, Milk and Honey. While I was reading the book, it gave me the old reading vibes I used to get, reading is very calming and when you read motivational books like “ The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” you are calm but you get to think on ways to be better than before.

2. Try new workouts

I am a health freak, I love eating good and working out especially working out and these past few weeks, I have been trying new workouts and I have fallen in love with some. For example, I love pilates, anything core related is my favorite type of workouts, I also have been trying out yoga but I am a fast pace girl when it comes to working out so I just have to slowly get into it but these two workouts were out of my comfort zone but at the end of the day, I fell in love with one.

3. Try “ the forcing myself to glow up” challenge.

I have been seeing these types of videos on YouTube recently and you can do this “challenge” at home or you can start a YouTube channel and film a video on this topic. This can make you think outside of the box if you want to film a YouTube video.

4. Have an “at home” photoshoot

Lastly, have an at-home photoshoot, you can go outside to your backyard or pin a bed sheet on the wall and have a backdrop and just go all out. This is fun and also you can have some fresh new content for your Instagram.

I hope these activities add some fun to your life right now, just remain positive and again try new things so that when we do get out of quarantine we are way better people than who we were entering quarantine.

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