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30 Fresh 2021 YouTube Video Ideas!

Hey guys! It’s Ximena from the TBB Creative Team! I’m a graphic designer, youtuber, and small business owner here to give you some ideas for youtube videos in 2021!

As a youtuber, I know how hard it can be to come up with ideas whether it be for your personal or even a business channel! Hopefully these ideas can spark up some creativity or even inspire you to come up with some more new ones! Let us know in the comments if these helped you out at all!

  1. Morning/Night routines as a _____ (these do amazing!)

  2. What’s on my iPhone/iPad/Computer (you can even put your own business twist on it!)

  3. How I started my business + tips for you!

  4. A day in the life as a _____

  5. How I plan and organize my life

  6. YouTubers(opt. Small youtubers!) pick my (clothes, day, drinks, etc.)

  7. Current Favorites (songs, stores, drinks, etc.)

  8. Waking up at __am for a week

  9. Underrated Youtuber you should watch

  10. Room Transformations

  11. Unboxing Videos

  12. Drinking a gallon (or ½) of water for a week

  13. Workout/Fitness Routines

  14. Afterschool Routine

  15. How I manage my (school, biz, etc.)

  16. Trying to live the perfect Pinterest day

  17. Bake with me’s

  18. Trying On Everything In my closet

  19. Clothing/Store Haul

  20. Get Productive with me

  21. Going without social media for a week

  22. No Phone for a day

  23. Following a celebrities morning routine

  24. TV Show/Movies you have to watch!

  25. Tips for ____ (something you are good at!)

  26. Following a celebrities (morning/night) routine

  27. Bullet/Journal With me

  28. Plan with me/ How I Plan ____

  29. ___ takes over my channel for a day

  30. IG/Youtube Tips/Content Ideas!

Hope you guys enjoyed and found these ideas helpful! Let us know if you try any of these out, and leave your youtube channel down below!


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