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3 Tips to Grow your Instagram!

July 2020 I logged into my instagram account @ximenadesigns, and since then I have grown my instagram to over 1.2k followers. Now for some people that may not seem like much, or maybe it may seem like a lot. The first thing to know is that everyone grows at their own rates and you need to be patient and consistent or you will never grow, whether that me drastically or slowly.

I'm going to share my 3 top tips that I've implemented to grow my instagram and grow an engaging community. Your followers mean nothing, if they do not engage with your content, which brings me to my first tip:

1. Make Engaging Content

Whether you have a business, design, or maybe just lifestyle content, there are always things you can do to make people comment, like, or share your posts. What makes your content appealing? What value can you bring to other people?

Usually posts that are shareable or bring value to a person's life are the ones that do the best. Don't worry though! Not every single post has to be super intricate and thought out, you can mix it up with some fun, carefree posts and more thought out ones. I use the 80/20 rule, 80% of your posts can be more engaging posts that can help your account and 20% can be 'just for fun' posts!

You can leave some fun questions in the caption or a challenge to get people to comment, share, or like your posts. Utilizing your Instagram Stories and making those entertaining (and not spammy!) and fun can help people to get to know you and your account better and build a connection or relationship with your followers.

2. Utilize all the IG features!

One of the biggest ways my account and many other accounts have grown is by using all the tools IG has to offer. Reels, IGTV, Guides, Stories, and Posts are all things you can do to get more audiences to discover your account. For me, reels have helped my account a ton. I have one literally this moment that randomly blew up and currently has over 25, 000 views and has helped me gain over 100 new followers in the span of 3 days!! The thing is, you never know which ones are going to blow up! So make sure you are using all the tools Ig has to offer, and you might see some big results!

3. Stay Consistent and Have Fun!

Staying consistent has definitely helped! I recommend posting at least 4-7 posts (more for business accounts but lifestyle content can be more like 2-5) and 2-5 reels, and daily stories each week to keep you audience consistent and connected! In the end, if it's not something you enjoy doing, maybe it's not for you! There is so much more for you out there and if content creating isn't for you, maybe it's not the right job. Sometimes we experience burn-out so it's super important to take breaks for your mental and physical health as well.

Those were my top 3 tips make sure to follow @teenbossbabes and my account @ximenadesigns for more lifestyle, business, and fun tips and content! I hope you enjoyed and make sure to comment if you learned anything new!

See you soon!

TBB Creative Team Member

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